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IT in the service of patients

The COVID pandemic has accelerated the development of IT tools in the health care system. It is the e-Health Center, an institution under the Ministry of Health, that is responsible for the development of these tools. The prepared "Strategy of the e-Health Center for 2023-2027" envisages the development of existing solutions such as the online patient account (IKP), myIKP, the and portals, as well as e-prescription, e-referral and e-registration for COVID-19 vaccinations. The aim is to facilitate patients' access to personalized health information and preventive examinations. 

Work is underway to launch new systems. These include e-blood to improve the management of blood products (implementation announced for December 2023), e-transplant to improve organ and tissue transplantation processes, information on donors and people waiting for transplants. A digital platform for patients with rare diseases, another for patients with hemophilia (e-hemophilia), and genetic databases are being created. CeZ is also planning to create a central e-registration - an enrollment system for services (to be launched by the end of 2023).

The center attaches great importance to patients' opinions. Therefore, it organizes periodic patient satisfaction surveys through surveys conducted via IKP and myIKP. Opinions of patient organizations on e-health services are collected. A system for submitting new ideas via a special e-form is being established. The second issue is protection against cyber attacks and leaks of personal data from health system resources.