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E-exemptions controlled by Social Security

The Social Security Administration has carried out inspections of some 350,000 e-clears issued in 2021, with the inspectors questioning the legitimacy of some of the e-clears issued. Doctors disagree with the decisions, believing that the controllers do not have the tools to determine whether someone was due an e-call. The Social Insurance Institution says that exemptions issued via telework are not "on censorship." Attention has been drawn to situations in whichone doctor issued more than 200 medical certificates a day, in addition to several different health care providers. Within one minute, medical certificates were issued to three different patients. It is pointed out that in many cases the doctor did not properly document the patient interview. For the Social Security Administration, it does not matter whether the exemption was issued via teleportation or after a traditional meeting with the patient. There is also no information on the medical certificate as to whether it was issued by a doctor as part of a teleportation," says Pawel Zebrowski, a spokesman for ZUS. He points out that any sick leave can be inspected, including one issued as part of a teleportation. Prof. Jaroslaw Fedorowski, head of the Polish Federation of Hospitals, believes that a kind of sick leave industry has been created. - During the pandemic, companies have sprung up that operate online and only bother to issue exemptions or e-prescriptions. This can lead to abuse," points out Prof. Fedorowski.

As part of your Falck Medycyna subscription, you are guaranteed a certain (depending on the version of the subscription you choose) number of online consultations with our doctor, along with the right to receive a sick leave, inserted in accordance with regulations. Without worrying about the risk of such a release being undermined by a Social Security check. 

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