Every day we respond to difficult situations that may occur to any of us.
Our experienced Workers provide effective assistance to those in urgent need. Always.


We love our work. We share the conviction that every human life and health is precious. That is why we help all people when they are in need. We protect health and life. This is more than just a job. It is a service.

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Experienced doctors, experienced paramedics, fully equipped ambulances, ready 24 hours a day.
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Ordering of transports

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After completing the form, we will contact you to make the patient's medical qualification for transport and arrange other details.
Our transport offer in the standard of a specialist team ensures professional care for the Patient, even in the most serious condition. Patient care is provided directly by a doctor and paramedics.Thanks to modern ambulances with above-standard equipment and coordination of the National Operating Centre, we are able to provide care for Patients who require a ventilator, even in longer-distance transports. We use the support of modern IT tools at Falck Medycyna's disposal.


Our staff includes specialists in emergency medicine, anaesthesiology and intensive care, paramedics, nurses and nurse practitioners with extensive experience gained from working in ICUs, EDs and emergency medical services. We continuously improve the competences of all our staff by organising dedicated training courses. Thanks to our experience, continuous training process and our values, we will provide the best possible care to our Patients.

Fleet of ambulances

One of the cornerstones of Falck Medicine's culture is to be open to technological innovation and development. This enables us to offer the best care with the best equipment. Our ambulances can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of patients from non-life-threatening conditions to the most clinically severe cases, providing care at a similar level to that of an Intensive Care Unit.

Patient care

Our services mean certainty for all Patients, from the moment they are picked up from the facility they are leaving, to the moment the Patient is transported to the designated destination. Our ambulances are equipped with modern transport ventilators, guaranteeing safety for the most seriously ill Patients during respiratory therapy. The National Operations Centre will collect all details regarding the transport and the Patient's needs and will coordinate all the necessary actions so that the medical transport takes place smoothly and the Patient reaches his/her destination safely.

Key features of our activities

In Falck Medicine, we do not just fulfil the generally applicable standards and regulations. We exceed them to provide the highest level of service available. Central to our operations is that:

  • we exceed expectations.
  • We are open to technology and innovation.
  • we analyse our past actions to eliminate unnecessary activities in the future.
  • we implement medical measures based on the latest guidelines and recommendations of scientific societies.


At Falck Medycyna, we have developed our own IT system that supports our operations from the moment the order is accepted by the National Operations Centre, through to the transfer of the order to the execution team and the ongoing coordination, support and also supervision of the team. The team operates on a similar mobile application, installed on a PDA, on which it records all its activities and creates a full electronic medical record, recorded in real time and accessible at all times."
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