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Law on modernization and improvement of efficiency of hospitality undergoing procedure again

Work on the bill to modernize and improve the efficiency of the hospital system continues despite strong protests from local governments, which are governed by many county hospitals. - In the original solution, we proposed tools to help restructure the hospital system. However, we want to reform hospitality in dialogue, so we made major changes. We decided to establish a restructuring fund that will help units in the most difficult financial situation. The assistance will involve the preparation of an appropriate restructuring plan, followed by rigid implementation," explained Adam Niedzielski, Minister of Health. 

The restructuring fund will assist units in the most difficult financial situation. Its assistance will involve the preparation of an appropriate restructuring plan, followed by rigid implementation. The restructuring plan may talk, for example, about reprofiling the hospital's operations to match local health needs and demographics. Among other things, the idea is to ensure that facilities do not compete with each other for resources, and that care in the region is as complementary and broad as possible, the Health Minister points out.

- We are discussing with various communities, local government health care representatives, experts, restructuring advisors. This is not a system of punishments and rewards, it is a certain philosophy of extending a helping hand. Many incentives, no ailments," Minister Niedzielski pointed out. He pointed out that the weakest, worst performing, hospitals have a hard time accessing finances. Financing their deficits is difficult because they don't usually meet any of the credit conditions that banks set, he added.

The bill is headed for an updated entry in the Council of Ministers' list of legislative and programmatic work. It will be followed by consultations, although, as Minister Niedzielski points out, they will not be as long as previous ones. - We will shorten the time in the government path of the project," he announced.