Test for COVID 19
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Every day we respond to difficult situations that may occur to any of us.
Our experienced Workers provide effective assistance to those in urgent need. Always.


We love our work. We share the conviction that every human life and health is precious. That is why we help all people when they are in need. We protect health and life. This is more than just a job. It is a service.

Tests on COVID19

In view of the long queues at the swab stations, Falck Medycyna offers a COVID19 swabbing service with transport to the place of residence/work.

▶️Offer for individual customers:

1. PCR test - 340 PLN in Warsaw + 120 PLN for travel to Warsaw districts

Antigen test PLN 80 + PLN 120 for travel within Warsaw area3. Antigen test PLN 80 + PLN 200 for travel to the districts near Warsaw

▶️Offer for corporate clients:

1. minimum 10 people cost 500 PLN in Warsaw + travel cost 120 PLN

2. PCR as for private customers


⭕ Gdańsk - we perform tests in the Tri-City 24 hours a day in the patient's place of residence (100 PLN per test + travel) or in Gdańsk, ul. Żaglowa 2.

☎Call before you arrive tel. 22 535 91 51

⭕ Warsaw - test point (PCR/antigen tests) open 24 hours Jana Olbrachta 94 Street.

☎Call before you arrive tel. 22 535 91 51

⭕ Opole ul. Budowlanych 50/5 - testing (antigen) point open 7.00 - 16.00.

☎ Call before you arrive tel. 531 538 089

⭕ Pabianice ul. Rzgowska 43A - test point open from 08.00 to 16.00.

☎ Call before you arrive 510 202 287

⭕ Konstancin Jeziorna - Grapa Medical Clinic, 4 Wojska Polskiego Avenue open from 14.00 - 20.00.

1.Antigen test PLN 100 the test results are issued in Polish or English.

PCR test - 380 PLN

📄Test results are also issued in English, both at the points and at home.

The antigen test allows for rapid, qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen in nasal swab specimens, allows a presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19. The antigen test is used because it can provide a result faster than a classical PCR test (approx. 10-30 minutes vs. usually 24 hours)

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