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Work breaks - benefits

Studies show that short breaks (a few tens of seconds) have a beneficial effect on our efficiency and level of focus while working. Our brains operate in two modes: "focused mode," which we use when we're learning something new or writing something at work; and the other, "distracted mode," in which we operate by far the most often, more relaxed, when we don't have to think hard. You might think that the focused mode is one that optimizes for greater productivity, but the distracted mode also plays a big role.

Research has shown that the mind solves the most difficult problems during a phenomenon called "waking sleep." It can be a hazard when driving, but produces remarkable results at work. Breakthroughs that seem to come out of nowhere are often the result of thinking in distracted mode. Therefore, taking our eyes off the computer screen and looking out the window, taking a walk to the restroom or doing some simple stretching exercises while working has a salutary effect on our efficiency and protects us from overload. It is worth applying this on a daily basis.

Breaks help to re-evaluate the tasks in progress. They allowyou to take a step back and make sure you are doing the right things in the right way. A break forces you to take a few seconds to think about what you ultimately want to achieve. It encourages you to be conscious of your own goals. Fatigue, loss of concentration, irritability will not disappear after a short break. When such situations are repeatedly affecting your effectiveness at work, it's time to think about a vacation. In case you can't afford such a vacation, try to get some decent relaxation after work and on weekends. 

By law, every full-time contract employee is guaranteed a break of at least 15 minutes. This is time paid for by the employer. But increasingly, aware of the benefits of breaks, employers are providing a one-hour lunch break as part of the contract. If an employee operates a computer, he or she can take a 5-minute rest from the screen, every working hour. It is worth taking advantage of these entitlements. Because another hour in front of the screen, without rest, can be idle time for planned results.

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