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Every day we respond to difficult situations that may occur to any of us.
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We love our work. We share the conviction that every human life and health is precious. That is why we help all people when they are in need. We protect health and life. This is more than just a job. It is a service.

New medical professions

The Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers approved a draft law on new medical professions on Thursday. 17 more medical professions will gain statutory regulation of the conditions and rules for their practice. The new legislation, once approved by the government and passed by parliament, will regulate the following medical professions:

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Image by OsloMetX from Pixabay
  • dental assistant,
  • nutritionist,
  • electroradiologist,
  • dental hygienist,
  • speech therapist, massage therapist,
  • medical caregiver,
  • optometrist,
  • orthoptist,
  • podiatrist,
  • prophylactic,
  • audiologist,
  • dental technician,
  • pharmacy technician,
  • orthopedic technician,
  • medical sterilization technician,
  • occupational therapist.

According to the proposed regulations, a mechanism is to be created to ensure that only professionals in a given profession with the appropriate qualifications and competencies have access to practice medicine. 

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