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Unspent budget of the National Health Fund

During a meeting of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska announced that the National Health Fund's budget for 2021 showed a profit of PLN 10.4 billion. This is somewhat surprising information, signifying the underutilization of funds for the treatment of Polish women and men. The profit generated was significantly influenced by the incomplete execution of the healthcare plan, which was due to the fact that it was another year of the pandemic and the activities of medical facilities were limited, the deputy minister said. Savings were generated due to the fact that facilities financed by the National Health Fund did not perform some of the planned medical procedures. This is confirmed by the figures. The Fund planned to spend PLN 120 billion on health services in 2021, and spent PLN 112.5 billion, more than 6 percent less than expected. The money will be used to cover losses from previous years and for the so-called reserve fund, he said.

- The report shows that for 2021, total fund revenues amounted to more than PLN 136 billion, which is more than 101 percent of planned revenues - including health insurance premium revenues of more than PLN 103 billion, or 102 percent of the original plan. Total payer costs amounted to about PLN 126 billion, or 83 percent of planned costs - including costs for health care benefits of PLN 112 billion, or 93 percent of the original plan. The largest item in the cost of health care benefits is hospital treatment, amounting to more than PLN 60 billion, the deputy minister calculated. - The report was approved by the health ministry, and the Health Minister had no comments on it , Deputy Minister Kraska told MPs. - The reported2021 profit will be used to cover losses from previous years and for the so-called reserve fund

It is also worth mentioning the unused funds from the Medical Fund, created as a fulfillment of President Andrzej Duda's election promises. When he signed the law on subsidies from the state budget to TVP in the amount of PLN 2 billion per year for 5 years, he promised additional funds that were to primarily support the treatment of children suffering from rare diseases that require expensive treatment, including outside Poland. The fund consists of 4 four sub-funds for:

  • development of diagnostics and prevention
  • modernization of medical entities
  • strategic investments
  • innovation and therapy fund

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Fund has been in operation since November 26, 2020, there are still no effective mechanisms in place to ensure that patients can actually access this money and use it to save lives and health. By the end of this year, the Fund's account will be left with as much as PLN 7.5 billion in unused funds. At a time of growing health problems, including those caused by the COVID pandemic, such a situation must come as a surprise.

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