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Every day we respond to difficult situations that may occur to any of us.
Our experienced Workers provide effective assistance to those in urgent need. Always.


We love our work. We share the conviction that every human life and health is precious. That is why we help all people when they are in need. We protect health and life. This is more than just a job. It is a service.

Further assistance for Ukraine

Today Medical Mission Foundation and Sheptytsky Family Foundation took over 3 fully equipped ambulances from the Falck Group. 🚑

These ambulances will provide assistance to Ukrainian citizens in need in the Lviv area. This is the next batch of ambulances, after 18 ambulances delivered to Kiev and 7 ambulances delivered to Moldova, which were donated by the Falck Group to help Ukraine defending itself against the Russian onslaught. Together we are strong, together we can do it‼

"This joint initiative of the @MedicalMission Foundation and the @Szeptycki Family Foundation supported by the Falck Group will provide real help in the form of 3 ambulances. This gift is a response to the appeals of the mayor of Lviv. All functioning ambulances used until the outbreak of war went to the front. And during the war people die not only from bullets and rockets. Heart attacks, strokes or other life-threatening conditions require immediate help. Especially in a city where today there are about one million people, including more than 300,000 fleeing the war. I believe that our initiative will contribute to saving many lives." - Katarzyna Czajka from Falck Medycyny said.

A statement by the representatives of the Foundation - Mr. Maciej Szeptycki from the Szeptycki Family Foundation and Mr. Krzysztof Suszek from the Medical Mission Foundation a moment after taking over the ambulances, see the film. 👇

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