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We love our work. We share the conviction that every human life and health is precious. That is why we help all people when they are in need. We protect health and life. This is more than just a job. It is a service.

Let's protect our eyes

Our eyes are extremely sensitive to sunlight. And summer is a time of high solar radiation. Even on days that seem to be sunless. It is important to remember that the negative effects of the sun's rays damaging our eyes do not have to be felt immediately. Sometimes it takes several years for them to manifest, but the damage is difficult to repair. Because the damage to our vision caused by UV radiation is unfortunately irreversible.

Protecting your eyes in the summer is simple. Possible with properly selected sunglasses that protect against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The key is the UV 400 filter, and this information should be visible on the frames, lenses or bill. Such a filter protects best against ultraviolet radiation. Be aware of the tint and tint level of the eyeglass lenses. Sunglasses have four categories of tinting - Cat 1, the most lightly tinted, to Cat 4, very heavily tinted. Those for everyday use can be chosen freely, it is, however, for driving that the darkest lenses - category 4 - are prohibited.

It is worth buying products with the CE (Conformitée Européenne) mark. It means that the product meets the standards of the European Union. When you need to buy corrective sunglasses, choose those with anti-reflective UV Control coating. Its main task is to protect against harmful UV radiation, as well as rays reflected from the inner surface of the lenses.

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